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How does cage free work?

We work on one pet at a time.

Your dog or cat is our main focus the entire duration of their appointment. When you drop off, we get right to work. Your groomer will ask how much notice you need for pick up. Generally, we send an automated text 15 minutes before completion so you can be on your way to us. If you need more than 15 minutes, no problem, just let is know when you are checking in!

Will my dog or cat be roaming with others?

No. We keep your dog on a slip lead at all times when going to and from the tub to table. When we wait for you to pick up, your dog will wait on the grooming table with their groomer.


What happens if i am late picking up?

If you are not able to make it back at the end of the service, that is when we will use our kennels. We do not have many kennels, and strongly encourage prompt pick up. Leaving your pet past their scheduled time is counterproductive to our concept, and creates more stress for other pets. We strive to keep our salon calm, and when dogs are left to bark in the kennel while waiting, it defeats the purpose of our one on one concept. If you are not available to pick up within an hour of our text, you will be charged a $15 extended stay fee.


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