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Meet Our Team!


Jessie, Dog Stylist & Salon Owner

I am one of the owners here at Wuf. I own and handle a Bichon Frise named Midas that I show in AKC conformation. You may see him hanging out at the salon with me! I would be thrilled to have my schedule filled with Bichons, or Golden Retrievers. I frequently continue my education and try to take as many private lessons and classes as I can. I enjoy working with clients to help them achieve their style goals. Breed specific trims are my favorite type of grooming to do. When I'm not grooming, I'm at home being a mom to my two toddlers, and 7 dogs! I hope someday I can teach my kids all about the art of grooming! You will typically hear back from me when booking appointments or asking questions about our spa, customer service is usually all handled by me. I love owning my own salon!

Jonny, Dog Stylist & Salon Owner

Jonny has dreamed of owning his own grooming salon for many years, and was inspired to work with pets to give back after losing his dog Starr. He loves doing "extreme makeovers" on dogs who need extra care with matted or neglected coats. Jonny also loves grooming senior dogs, and really enjoys giving them a gentle spa day in a slow paced facility. Grooming puppies is also one of his favorite things to do, he loves challenges and enjoys making dogs feel comfortable with grooming. He is our only stylist that offers cording. Jonny also loves being a dad to our two boys, and taking care of our own dogs. Jonny plans to show his Standard Poodle, Astro in AKC conformation, and has been taking private lessons for poodle grooming.   


Daisha, Dog Stylist & Salon Manager

Daisha has been a part of our team since we opened in 2019. She specializes in creative grooming, and has had a lot of practice on her own dog, Opal the Standard Poodle! Opal comes to work with her often, so don't forget to say hi if you see her. Daisha can take a blank canvas and turn it into something magical, whether it be a holiday themed dog or a unicorn. Check out our creative grooming page to see some examples of different things she can do. She does an amazing job with longer styles and enjoys grooming poodles. Daisha also spends her free time expanding her knowledge in the industry by taking online classes, and attending trade shows with our salon. She has a daughter at home who also loves dogs. Daisha has 4 pups and two cats as well.



Maddie, Groomer Technician & Salon Manager

Need the best de-shedding treatment your dog has ever had? Maddie has you covered. She attended Live Oaks to learn the art of the industry, and has been working with us since 2019! Maddie does an amazing job with impacted undercoat removal, her regulars are always amazed at how much hair she can get out. Maddie loves puppies, and the breeds she works with most are huskies and labs, although her favorite clients are French Bulldogs. She has spent a lot of time taking in person seminars to learn about safety, proper handling, and everything you could need to know about the skin and coat. Maddie will always do the best job with getting nails short and smooth! 


Stephanie, Dog / Cat Stylist & Salon Manager

Stephanie started working at our salon in January 2021, and found her passion for grooming about five years ago. Before grooming she worked with animals in a retail setting and has always enjoyed being around dogs. Stephanie specializes in wire coats, specifically the Wire Fox Terrier. She grooms at a competitive level and placed at one of the biggest grooming expos in the country! Stephanie is our only stylist that offers hand stripping, and cat grooming. She is AKC Safe handling certified, as well as pet first aid & CPR certified. Stephanie is the Vice President of the Ohio Professional Pet Groomers Association, and spends a lot of her free time trying to be a light in our industry. She is a member of NDGAA, as well as NCGIA. She plans to show her Wire Fox in AKC Conformation. When she isn't at the spa, she loves spending time with her family and personal dogs. She is a mom to a little boy who is learning all about the world of dogs, too!


Gillian, Dog Stylist

Gillian joined our team in 2022 and has been working in the animal care industry since she was 14 years old. She graduated from the Paragon School of Pet Grooming in 2020. She takes great pride in her work and is always looking to further her education in the industry! Gillian believes patience is the best quality any groomer can have, and firmly believes in quality over quantity. She loves all breeds, but her favorites are Poodles, Oodles, Golden Retrievers, and Schnauzers! She grew up in an animal loving family that had schnauzers and fostered many rescues. She currently has a senior miniature schnauzer and a retired racing greyhound!


Jen, Dog Stylist

Jen has been grooming since 2016, and started because she loves animals and always wanted to work with them! She enjoys asian fusion trims and wishes she could put all of her clients into one.She specializes in difficult and anxious dogs who need a second chance at being groomed in a calm place. Jen enjoys hand scissoring and has also dabbled in hand stripping! She is enjoying opening her knowledge by taking more grooming classes. Jen also grooms cats! She has 4 cats of her own, as well as 3 dogs (two standard poodles and a Bichon) and a ferret!


Carrie, Dog Stylist

Carrie joined our team in 2022 and has been grooming since 2004! She spent many years managing a grooming salon in a pet resort. She has a really well rounded set of grooming skills, including hand scissoring, a bit of hand stripping, and more! She attends trade shows and loves to learn as much as she can. At home has two daughters, two step daughters, as well as a frenchie and shepherd mix. 

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