Things To Ask Your Groomer

We take pride in our process. When you are in search for a new groomer, it is important to know that the people you leave your pet with are knowledgable, professional, and use up to date methods.
  • Does your groomer use kennel driers, or do they fluff dry?

Using kennel driers can be dangerous to senior pets, or specific breeds. Not only are they occasionally a safety concern, a groomer won't be able to give a proper finish on a coat that hasn't been prepped correctly with a fluff drier. This makes our work stand out from other salons.

  • Does your groomer include nail trimming and grinding with the service?

We value the nail health of your pets. Having nails that are too long can cause long term issues with arthritis, and leaves paws feeling sore. Nails that touch the floor feel similar to a human wearing shoes that are too tight. Grinding the nails with a diamond bit after clipping allows us to get as short as possible, every time.

  • Does your groomer work on multiple pets at once, or do yours straight through?

Many groomers stack appointments, and work on three to four dogs at once, rotating during their day. One will be getting a bath while another dries, and so on. We put your pet directly into the tub and work on them straight through to avoid any unnecessary kennel time, which leaves pets feeling less stressed.

  • Does your groomer hand scissor finish?

Many groomers focus on quantity over quality. Many don't finish the entire dog with shears after clipping them down. We ensure each dog leaves with a crisp finish.

  • Does your groomer continue education?

In the dog grooming industry, things are constantly evolving and changing. We take yearly seminars, and encourage constant growth. There is always more to learn and we strive to stay in the loop with the latest trends and styles.