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Store Policies

(subject to change at any time)

Pick up times and cancellation policy

In our salon every dog is done straight through from start to finish, and our facility is small with limited kennel space. We will call 15 minutes before your pet is finished, and pets will not be caged if they are picked up within those 15 minutes. If you are not there to pick up your pet within one hour of the phone call, a $15.00 doggy day boarding fee will be added onto the grooming price.

We give one time grace for cancellations without giving us 24 hours notice and for no shows. After you have cancelled once without giving us 24 hours notice, a card will be required to be kept on file, and you will be charged 50% of the service scheduled. With this policy, it ensures we will be able to continue with our concept of giving every dog a one on one, cage free grooming experience. Last minute cancellations don't give us time to fill the spot your pet was scheduled in.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will be subjected to the no show fee if your groomer is not able to take you (we give one grace period for this as well).

If we are able to take you, a $5 late fee will apply. 

Health and behavioral issues
All pets must be up to date on rabies vaccinations once they are 6 months of age. We will need paperwork from your vet showing an expiration date, tags will not be enough. We can only accept clients with vaccines that are up to date or have expired within 30 days. We may make exceptions for senior pets at the discretion of your vet and groomer. 

Please disclose any pre existing health or skin conditions with your groomer. If you have a preferred vet, please give us this information to keep on file including their name, address and phone number in case of an emergency situation. All veterinary expenses due to pre existing conditions are to be paid at the owner's expense.

We reserve the right to refuse services to pets with excessive behavior problems or health issues.

Your pet's safety and comfort is our first priority. However, with sharp tools and moving pets, accidents may occur. By signing this form you are giving us permission to take your pet to the vet if we feel necessary. You will be contacted as soon as possible if an accident were to happen.

Shave down consent
Shaving any pet can cause clipper irritation. Also, due to underlying medical conditions, there is always a chance the coat may not grow back the same or at all. We do not suggest shaving double coated breeds due to a higher risk of the coat not growing back. We are not responsible for any after effects of shaving. 

Matted pets
Pets with matted coats need extra attention and time. Mats in a pet's coat can grow tight, causing damage to the skin underneath, which in turn can cause a variety of skin issues which may include parasite infestation, hot spots, excessive itching, etc. Removing these mats from your pets coat is a time consuming process requiring special tools, products and patience. In the event your pet is too severely matted, he or she will be shaved at the groomers discretion. Removing heavily matted coat can be painful for your pet and put them at risk for nicks, cuts, or abrasions due to warts, moles, or skin folded and trapped within the mats.

After removing mats by combing them out or shaving, your pet may experience clipper irritation, and or self inflicted irritation from excessive chewing, licking or scratching. In some cases, coat may not grow back the same. Preventing matting is key to safe grooming experiences. We are not responsible for any skin injury or irritation caused by matting. Matting fees will be added and applied to the final grooming price.


Fleas and ticks will be removed in the salon at the owners expense. Flea shampoo is not included in the base groom price, and the removal itself is charged by the hour. Please notify us before arriving if your pet has fleas so we can ensure other pets nearby do not come into contact with them. We are unable to accommodate dogs with fleas if we are not told ahead of time

to schedule accordingly. 

Pricing variances 

Pricing may vary from groom to groom depending on the difficulty level of your dog, and their coat condition. 

No kennel concept

Kennels will be used at our discretion if your pet is acting aggressive towards the staff or other pets nearby. We try not to use cages if you are able to pick up in time, but if there are aggression issues it may be unavoidable.  

During the groom

Please limit any interruptions/distractions by coming into the salon before your pet is finished. We are a private salon (by appointment only) and limit foot traffic to make the environment as calm and stress free as possible for all dogs during their groom. Speaking to your pet while they are being groomed can cause them to become excited and wiggly, making it dangerous to continue the groom. If your pet gets too worked up over your presence, it will take more time and we may have to discontinue the service.

Social media

Wüf Pet Spa reserves the right to post photos of your pet in our salon on social media platforms for advertising purposes. We own the rights to any photos taken.