We are dedicated to giving every client a personalized spa experience. We provide a premier pet spa, focused on skilled styling, one on one grooming, and compassionate care to our Wüf Pet Spa family. 

Our Services


Our grooms are tailored to your dogs needs. Each dog receives a blueberry facial, top quality shampoo and a conditioning treatment. Every dog is hand dried and fluffed straight through from start to finish with luxury leave in conditioning products. Each groom includes nail grinding.

Extra Pampering

Wüf offers many different add on services to each groom. Please refer to our list of add on services to see the full list.

Day Boarding

If you'd like to drop off your pet and leave them in our care for the day, if they pass their temperament evaluation after they are finished being groomed, they are able to stay and play. If they do not enjoy social interaction, we offer day boarding in cozy kennels.

We are excited to provide our luxury pet services to Over-The-Rhine and be able to bring dog grooming to Cincinnati. Steps away from Findlay Market, coffee shops, a smoothie bar, and many delicious restaurants, we hope this gives our human clients plenty to do while their pets are being pampered. We are conveniently located near Petwants and Washington Park, so there are plenty of dog friendly things to do in the city before and after your pet has had their spa day.

We are excited to grow with the community!

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