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Services & pricing


Our salon is on the higher end of pricing due to Wüf taking limited appointments per day, and offering a cage free grooming experience. Our stylists continue their education regularly, and we include many "upgrades" in our base price.


If you need a quote, please email

with the following information:

  • clear, current, full body photo of your pet

  • their breed, or closest assumed mix

  • approximate weight

  • approximate date of last professional groom

No two pets that visit our salon are the same, so providing the above information will help us give you the most accurate quote. Their temperament, size, coat condition, and required service all factor into cost.

Dog Grooming Services

Every grooming service at Wüf includes a bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner specific to your dog’s needs (de-shedding, curly coat, etc), and a blueberry facial. Each service also includes leave in conditioners, fragrances, nail grinding, as well as a kennel free experience. We do not use cage dryers, we always fluff every pet by hand!

Complete Style:

Our most popular service! Best suited for dogs that require a full body clip. 

Bath & tidy:

This service is best for golden retrievers, and other breeds that only require scissor trimming on their furnishings. This is also referred to as an outline trim! 

de-shedding Bath:

No haircut is provided with this service, aside from cleaning up the paw pads. Our main focus will be the bath and undercoat removal! 

luxury bath:

This service is usually provided to our "bath only" between complete style clients. While your pup may not shed, we will do a thorough brush out and make sure they leave tangle free!

puppy intro to grooming:

It's important to start your puppy with a good foundation. Grooming will be a part of their life forever! At their first visit, we focus on table training, and minimal trimming. We clean up their face, paws, & sanitary areas.

Touch UP:

Face, feet, & sanitary trimming only for adult dogs who pre-book

Cat Grooming

Cats will either be booked as a bath & sanitary trim (if required),

a full shave down, or lion trim. 

Their nails are always trimmed, and nail caps can be added upon request.

We do not service aggressive cats.

OTR: M-TH evening appointments


dog Grooming add ons

We offer many add ons!

  • Anal Gland Expression- $10

  • Shampoo Upgrades- $10

  • Paw Fizz Balls for itchy paws- $10

  • Creative Coloring- $25 & up

Nail only appointments

Dog Nails:


includes trim & file with a dremel

paw pad shave

paw pad moisturizer


Cat Nails: 


includes paw pad shave upon request

-add caps for an additional $20-


*pricing may go up for difficult pets*

Click HERE for more information about nail appointments! 

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