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Wüf pet spa owners

Jessie and Jonny Casey started Wüf Pet Spa from humble beginnings. Now, they're ready to take on Over-the-Rhine with their ambition, along with their desire to bring luxury dog grooming to the continually growing neighborhood.


Jonny had his dog Starr for 19 years of his life and when she passed, he knew he wanted to work with dogs so he could give back to her. He got a job working in a salon and from there knew he wanted to start a business of his own. 


Jessie's childhood goal had always been to work with dogs, and was a college student trying to become a vet tech. She had also considered human hair styling, and realized the two combined came close to dog grooming. She started working in a salon to pay for college, and realized it was exactly what she wanted to do.


Jonny and Jessie crossed paths in the salon, and knew they could be great together - so they started Wüf and brought their dream to life.

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