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Creative grooming at Wüf

Wüf offers pet safe color in permanent options, or temporary shampoo. All dye is formulated for pets, and is vegetable based- making it safe for their skin & coat. We only use Opawz brand. We also offer nail painting, and coat carving. Almost anything you can imagine- we can probably do it!

Please note that color is reserved for well behaved clients only. If your pet is new to Wüf, we will need to schedule you for a regular grooming appointment to assess their behavior and temperament. 

All color appointments must be booked in advance so we can ensure we have enough time to complete your project!

Pricing Structure

Dye tubes are priced at 19.99/each, and are good to use one year from opening. Color wash shampoos are priced per size, so please check with your groomer. Clients are encouraged to purchase dye directly from our salon to ensure best results. Color may turn out more or less vibrant than expected, and we cannot guarantee perfection when working on a moving pet.

Tier 1- Simple accents
$25/ hour
One color applied in small, separate areas of the pet. Examples: Ears, tail, paws

Tier 2- full color
$50/ hour
One color applied over the entire, or majority of the pet. Examples: Color wash shampoo, color on the whole body

Tier 3- creative project
$90/ hour
One or multiple colors being applied in multiple areas of the pet.
Examples: Turning your pet into an animal, hand painting a design, carving coat, ears and tail separate colors, or full body color with multiple colors.

examples of work done by Wüf groomers

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