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Click Clack, Tip Tap! How often should I be getting my pets nails trimmed?

Why nail health matters

Cats and dogs need regular nail appointments to keep them healthy. Nails that are not regularly maintained can become problematic, especially long term. Nails can curl and pierce through paw pads, which is incredibly painful. Dew claws left too long can snag, and the most common thing we see are joint problems from not having a regular nail routine.

We provide quick and easy nail appointments for all breeds!

Each dog nail appointment at our salon includes:

Trim & File with a dremel tool Paw Moisturizer

Paw Pad Hair Shave

Each cat nail appointment includes:

Nail trim

Paw Pad Shave

(option to add caps for an additional charge)

We take pride in everything we do at Wüf, even if it's just a simple nail appointment. Our goal is to be the first line of defense in your pets health! Your groomer will be able to detect any potential health issues and let you know when it's time to see a vet. We have found anything from cysts, ticks, allergies, infections, and more just from doing some nails.

So... how often should I be doing this?

Our general suggestion is at least once per month. Ask your groomer to take a look at your pets nails at their next appointment to give a recommendation specific to your pet. Some nails grow faster, some nails grow curly, some nails file themselves down on concrete from taking a lot of walks. Your groomer can best determine when you should come in next for nails. Many clients come in every 2 weeks to help the kwik to recede (yes, the more frequently you do it, the shorter we can get them later!), and some book one appointment in between grooms. We can usually get you in the same or next day for nails, so reach out any time you need some help!

Below is a gallery of before and afters we have done on nails.

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