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New faces, good changes!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

You may have noticed Wüf has two new stylists in the salon, and we are so excited to welcome them! We have been so lucky to be filled with a diverse team of groomers. Everyone has incredible skills that set them apart from each other. Grooming is such an art, and being able to offer different stylist options who each have their own unique creative techniques has been so much fun.

When we opened our spa in 2019, it was just Jonny, Jessie (myself), and Daisha on the weekends. We felt 675sqft would be plenty of space. We NEVER could have imagined that we’d be bursting at the seams not even a year into it. We added Maddie, our groomer technician / bather a few months after opening, and Daisha came on full time. With some station and table rotations, we were able to hire Stephanie, who has been with us for over a year now! We thought hiring her would help ease booking, but let’s face it.. everyone at Wüf is so good at what they do, their books filled up in no time. All of our staff members have been around since we hired them, and we take great pride in that. We aim to be a safe space for our employees, and a place everyone enjoys coming to work.

Running into space limitations has been a huge setback for us. We dream of being able to give everyone a perfect schedule, and we want to hire more groomers to help get clients in faster. With that being said, where in the world could we put them?! Heres where Gillian and Carrie come in- both of them were open to part time options while we had a couple of tables free on the other groomers off days. While this doesn’t expand availability by a ton- it will still help! We have big goals for more in the future, but with the space we have, we have completely maxed out 100% of it. We are so lucky to have this “problem”, and couldn’t have done it without our amazing team. Both of our new groomers will make amazing additions to our team, so be sure to greet them next time you stop in! All of us try to get to know each other’s clients/dogs in the salon, even if they are on someone’s else’s book. You never know when someone could help cover a sick day, or help out if you need to reschedule. Having more options with more availability in the books is such a great thing!

Check out their bio’s on our website.

Be sure to thank your groomer next time you visit us, because they truly work tirelessly to provide an amazing service for your pets.

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