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Brushing and Combing- Help!

A common question we get from clients is "I'm brushing all the time, and coming in regularly.. but my dog is still always matted somehow. What can I do to prevent this?"

We know it can be frustrating putting in the work and seeing little results. As an owner of multiple curly coated breeds, I get it! My bichon Midas pictured above is a lot of work, but i love having him long and fluffy. Here are some key points to follow at home, and some links to our favorite tools! Once you have the best equipment available to you and know how to use it, you're going to be set into the right direction.

Here's what you'll need:

-Slicker Brush

-Metal Comb

* our personal favorite

-Brushing Spray

* our personal favorite is sold in our salon!

Now that you know what tools you need, that's half of the equation. A brushing spray will help prevent damage from dry brushing. Misting the coat gives it more elasticity, preventing split ends. Split ends cause the coat to mat up faster! A good slicker brush won't have any balled tips, and it will be firm enough to get through the coat. A metal comb should be used once you are done brushing down to the skin to ensure you haven't missed any spots.

Here is a great video demonstrating "line brushing". When brushing, it is important to use this technique, leaving no areas untouched. More often than not, pet owners feel they did a great job brushing, when in reality they didn't get all of the layers. Line brushing helps you reach down to the skin.

I hope everyone found this helpful! We are always more than happy to help come up with solutions with you. Our ultimate goal is to make grooming a positive experience, and being tangle free is the first step!


Co-Owner & Operator of Wüf Pet Spa

Luxury Pet Grooming in Cincinnati

By the way, we now offer Cat grooming on Sundays!

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